Customer Engagement via Customer Engagement via Digital Collectibles
HashCase helps brands create, launch and distribute digital collectibles to their non-web3 audience

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Welcome to the Filecoin community. This NFT grants you access to a plethora of perks, including raffles, vouchers, merchandise and much more. It also unites you with your fellow community members. WAGMI!

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A New Dimension of Loyalty

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Loyalty 2.5

Redefine customer loyalty with the ease of web 2.0 built on the primitives of web 3.0

Lightening Fast Integration

Our no-code APIs integrate into your ecosystem with near zero effort

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Seamless Onboarding

Phone and email logins allow users to access their collectibles easily and conveniently

Up your game with Web3 Magic

  • Create and Reward superfans with Tiered Memberships

  • Allow members to actually own their Assets

  • Unlock New Experiences both real and virtual

  • Verify the authenticity of products via Blockchain Authentication

  • Track and Manage your collection via our dashboard/admin panel

  • Transact easily via FIAT on and off ramps