About Us

Unveiling the HashCase Story

At HashCase, we believe in the power of loyalty to transform relationships, and we're here to make that transformation seamless, enjoyable, and rewarding for everyone. “Join us in shaping the future of loyalty with HashCase!”

Mission and vision

Connecting Futures, Loyalty Redefined.

Our Mission

At HashCase, our mission is to revolutionize loyalty programs by seamlessly integrating Web 3.0 technology into the user-friendly landscape of Web 2.0.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bridge the gap between traditional and emerging technologies, making blockchain-based loyalty accessible to everyone.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Taaha Nizam

(Founder, CEO)

Alan Tom Jose


Venkatesh Hampiholi

(Head of Operations)

Geetika Gahlot


Akshat Srivastava

(Founding Engineer)

Manan Shah

(Founding Engineer)

Maitreyi Kshetrapal

(Full-Stack Engineer)

Ananya Banghera

(Web3 Engineer)

Farhan Khan

(Graphic Designer)

Vishesh Patel

(UI/UX Designer)

CEO And Founder

Taaha Nizam

Founder and CEO of HashCase (hashcase.co). A platform that helps brands Create, Launch and Distribute NFTs to a non-web 3.0 audience. Involved in the crypto space for over 4 years, having successfully exited companies and incubated over 13 NFT projects cumulatively exceeding 8M USD in revenue.

Bullish and excited about DeFi and NFTs, actively creating utility based protocols for NFTs and their communities.

Our Customers

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